After a long break, I am back to blogging and keeping the posts more regular :)  

I had been away to work on some other projects.  I was working on my company NuYuga ( and also became a partner of Vidya's Veggie Gourmet (

September is here and it is time for new music, new ventures, health and food projects and also more awareness of tigers.



Through my CD, Urban Monk and supporting various fundraising efforts to raise awareness about the plight of endangered tigers, I am grateful to know Bear Creek Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary, which was founded in 1989 by Werner Ebner. They are a volunteer driven Private Foundation registered charity dedicated to the survival of rare and endangered species. Werner’s partner Mary and her heroic crew are also involved in humane wildlife rescue and rehabilitation of animals involved in public concerns, and they provide a safe haven for unwanted, abused and injured exotic and zoo surplus animals. At Bear Creek they house over 100 animals, some of which are the most beautiful and most rare species from around the world. These animals require enormous care and resources, all of which are provided by Mary and her selfless army of angel volunteers. Some of these volunteers are my closest friends and I am humbled by their efforts and sacrifices for the support of animals and giving them a better quality of life.

Bear Creek is not only currently housing and caring for animals, they are also educating and raising awareness about the plight of indigenous, exotic and endangered species. The greater the knowlege we have of the creatures we share the land with, the better chance we have of preserving our way of life. Part of this enormous undertaking is the education of our children to understand and respect the value of the creatures around us. For many of the animals, Bear Creek was the last resort prior to euthanasia. None of the animals in any of the photos were the baby tigers abused, tranqullized etc. These pictures are for promoting awareness - not to abuse the animal and not for blind amusement. Of course baby tigers are incredibly cute we know they are not house cats. These baby tigers are being taken care of and giving them love and playing with them at this stage in their lives is a blessing for them as much as it is for us and their caretakers. 
Some have suggested that we are supporting the raising of baby tigers as pets - that is far from the case. This is not a circus either. If Bear Creek did not take these animals in, they would likely die, be mistreated, or euthanized. Yes, our ultimate goal would be for every animal to live in its natural habitat, that is our vision. In the interim, there are animals that will die if they were not taken in. 

You can support Bear Creek Sanctuary by visiting their website or contact me if you would like a tour for a donation to the centre. I am always free to make that happen, the Bear Creek team are incredible and every penny donated gets used for the animals and their care.

I am also working with others to continue learning more about the plight of tigers worldwide and hoping that we can raise the awareness to the point where these amazing creatures can live a dignified life in their ideal habitat and are no longer an endangered species.

This is Zarya, a baby Siberian (Amur) tiger, and she also has an equally adorable counterpart Nadeah! We had a fundraiser for these little ones, see CTV news piece: If you are interested in donating to a great cause, please visit

Enjoy this fan made video for "Shine On".

Money is not the most important thing in your life.

If you are already master of yoga, let's try these challenging poses.

Witness mind reading in 21st century's way!!

Cinderella is an Amur tiger baby. 

easy to meditate on!

Simply Yoga FREE is an iPhone app

Baby tiger Kamal


For people who don't have enough time in their daily lives, especially people in the workforce.

For people who don't have enough time in their daily lives, especially people in the workforce.

Meditation can make you smarter!

Mantras protect and strengthen your Mind, and they play a vital role in Vedic Astrology.

Dimple Sharma

Og Mandino





 Wayne Dyer


Dalai Lama

Dr. David R. Hawkins

Zen is a type of meditation founded in China;

J. M. Power


I was born with music inside me. 
Music was one of my parts. 
Like my ribs, my kidneys, my liver, my heart. Like my blood. 
It was a force already within me when I arrived on the scene.
It was a necessity for me-like food or water. 
Ray Charles

I was born with music inside me. 


Yoga is helpful for pregnant women as well.

There has been no sign of  the wild South China tiger for 25 years.

Siberian Tiger (also known as Amur Tiger) is an endangered feline living in far Eastern Russia.

The Asiatic lion (also known as the Indian Lion) resides only in India now.

The Sumatran tiger, which inhabits only in the island of Sumatra, is the one of the smallest tiger in the world.

>The Iberian lynx inhabits the Iberian Peninsula.

Snow leopard is an endangered feline that lives in Central Asia.

I am excited to share my recent interview featured on SoulSPeak with inspirational blogger, Juno Cristi.

We are often told to follow the head exclusively at the expense of ignoring the wisdom and intuition of the heart. Kahlil Gibran says:

I came across this quote today by Joseph Campbell and it really resonated in my being:

Most stars are between 1 billion and 10 billion years old.

I got some reviews for Urban Monk and pasted a highlights:

If the tiger could be a season, it would be autumn.

The process of envisioning the grand state and size of the universe is in fact an ancient practise that yogi's and monks would meditate upon:

A lot of themes developed in Urban Monk are based upon the micro and macro elements and the symbolism associated with both in a transcendent way. This passage from the Upanishads demonstrates this a little further:

Some good news! I will be the lead singer for the Chevrolet World Band that will be performing live at the annual World GM car show from Feb 17-26th 2012 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.

Scientist John Seidensticker said that a 'tiger, like a martial arts master, uses the prey's own motion to bring it down', avoiding any movement until after the prey does.'

Can becoming a vegetarian help save the planet? - Green Living - The Ecologist Globally, meat consumption has increased by 20 per cent in the last decade despite concerns about it...

I'm sure many of you have seen this picture as it has been widely distributed in the media. The story goes as follows:

I'm currently reading a spellcasting book for the mind called "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern that is described as "magical realism at its most fun."

We received word from DiscMakers that they are processing the Urban Monk album art and we are expecting the album to be delivered this month!

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that a number of my friends and acquaintances have agreed to sign up for ten days of solitude and silence at the Vipassana Meditation Centre this year.

I hope everyone is having a good holiday season!

In 2012, the Urban Monk team will be working hard towards spreading the love to "Bear Creek Sanctuary" in a special mission to help out the tigers!

This song started to form when I embarked upon a 21 day juice fast in Patagonia, Arizona. I spent a lot of time gazing at the brilliant night sky - Arizona has one of the best views of the stars in the world! There were no cell phones, computers, intoxicants, shopping plazas or cooked food, so it was a great place to escape the urban jungle and fully appreciate nature's splendour.

"Every animal that is slaughtered for human consumption brings the pain of its death into your body. Think about it. The animal is killed with violence. That violence causes the animal to experience very intense pain as it dies. That pain remains in the meat even after you prepare and cook it.  When you eat that meat, then you eat pain. That pain becomes lodged in your body, heart and mind. That violence and pain which you consume will eat you also. It consumes you so that you must experience the same pain in your own life as well.

Lately a lot of people around me have been talking about seeing patterns of syncronicities around them - do they have a meaning or is it just a part of the hard wiring of our brain?

I found an interesting word from Wikipedia - great new word that explains a bit of this phenonmena:

Ever since learning about the acclaimed ‘double slit experiment’ I have been fascinated by quantum physics!  Author & Physicist Dr. Fred Alan Wolf really simplifies this field for laypersons in “Taking the Quantum Leap” which I have on my ipod and have revisited several times.  Today I would like to share excerpts from a great article I read today:


Have you ever met someone that is so “still” that their very presence makes an impact - no words are required.  There is nothing to prove, they just are a living example.  It is very rare to meet such an individual.  My karate instructors Sensei Mark and Vicky were like this - growing up under their instruction, I was always in awe of them in my five years of intense training with them - some of the fondest memoreis of my life! 


“Never lose your wonderment and appreciation of nature”

Was not feeling so great today - a little bit of pain creeping up in the joints!  Did 15 minutes of vipassana meditation and felt much better!  Coincidentally saw this article and have pasted a few tidbits for you to ponder:

Sitting with a cup of herbal almond chai tea and reading about one of my favorite topics surrounding permaculture, which is now emerging from the underground.  I’ve been following the field for the past ten years and have pasted some interesting quotes from the NY Times:



As an artist I am always intrigued by the different perspectives on creativity.  The Globe and Mail wrote an interesting piece and I have pasted the best parts below, enjoy!


Neuroscientists try to unlock the origins of creativity

What can you do with a brick?

Although I have spent much of my time reading books that highlight the wisdom of ancient traditions, I have been equally fascinated by modern technology as a tool towards advancement on all levels. Technology is a tool like fire that can either ‘cook the food or kill the man’ depending how it is utilized.  


I came across the following documentary called “Transcendent Man” which features Ray Kurzweil.  

He says, “In the future, humans will live forever. This is the promise of the coming Singularity.” The charismatic and prolific inventor has dedicated his life to accelerating intelligence. Called “the rightful heir to Thomas Edison.”

The concepts surrounding Urban Monk were influenced by the metaphor of the seed and it’s journey from emerging from the dark soil and yearning towards the light and then of course it’s transformation.  I love this poem from Osho which captures this sentiment: 

Osho in Dang Dang

When I read this book it affected me deeply.  I recently revisited the book. 

The truth is simple - yet profound.  Ruiz captures this:


From The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz:


In the midst of all the press surrounding the financial collapse, the greed, the deception, etc., I decided to turn off the media and read some ancient philosophy.  What wisdom can they impart?  I went to one of my favorite greek philosophers Socrates who said:


“Most excellent man, are you not ashamed to care for the acquisition of wealth and for reputation and honor when you neither care nor take any thought for wisdom and truth and the perfection of your soul?”


  • Apology 29E

How many times have you engaged in meaningless drama that drains your lifeforce and wastes precious time.  Instead is seeking a dialogue that results in mutual positivity a better option?  


Reading Voltarire today and came across a brilliant quote:


“What really matters to me is not to prove my opponent wrong, but to join him in a higher, encompassing truth.”

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