Scientist John Seidensticker said that a 'tiger, like a martial arts master, uses the prey's own motion to bring it down', avoiding any movement until after the prey does.' This reminds me of my Sensei (karate teacher) who would transform before our eyes the second she got into fighting stance. She exerted minimal energy and intently watched her opponent. The second a move was made, she effortlessly used the opponent's energy to gain the upper hand. My Dad would always remark, "That Sensei Vikki - she fights just like a tiger!" She truly embodied feline energy and the strength and poise of a zen master. This would a start a long series of stories where a tiger would enter my life either symbolically or literally. The literal part was beyond words. Holding a baby tiger was a profound experience for me on many levels. First to marvel in its beauty and supreme cuteness. Then to be smitten by its energy and excitement for play and affection. Finally, the bitter sweet melancholy of parting with them and observing them in captivity.

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