Have you ever met someone that is so “still” that their very presence makes an impact - no words are required.  There is nothing to prove, they just are a living example.  It is very rare to meet such an individual.  My karate instructors Sensei Mark and Vicky were like this - growing up under their instruction, I was always in awe of them in my five years of intense training with them - some of the fondest memoreis of my life! 


Then I came across this quote from Lao-tzu that summarized how I saw them:


Lao-tzu spoke about “acts without acting” (wei wu wei): “It is as invisible as the wind, and yet its actions are ineluctable as the forces of nature.  When this power is unleashed, the forces of common men, according to Meng-tzu, ben under it as blades of grass under the wind.”




“By it’s thickness and substantiality, sincerity equals earth; and by its heigh and splendor it equals heaven. Its extent and duration are without limit.  He who possesses this sincerity, without showing himself, he will shine forth, without moving he will renovate others, without acting he will perfect them.”


Lun-yu.  Ezra pound, trans., Chung Yung: The Unwobbling Pivot (New York, 1969). 26.5-6.

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