"Every animal that is slaughtered for human consumption brings the pain of its death into your body. Think about it. The animal is killed with violence. That violence causes the animal to experience very intense pain as it dies. That pain remains in the meat even after you prepare and cook it.  When you eat that meat, then you eat pain. That pain becomes lodged in your body, heart and mind. That violence and pain which you consume will eat you also. It consumes you so that you must experience the same pain in your own life as well.

- Swami Prakasananda Saraswati (1989)

It's not always easy to find food options these days that don't contain any meat and this blog entry is not meant to criticize non-vegetarians! I do find that whatever I consume does not only impact my body, but it also has an effect on my mental state and emotions.  I am still learning about how the animal industry operates and I encourage everyone to do their own research.  A great starting place is the documentary "Food Inc."   Whether you eat meat or not, it doesn't hurt to know the process behind the slaughtering and treatment of animals.  If you can't give up meat, it's best to go to your local organic markets where you can meet the people that raise the animals and ask them directly how they operate.

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