Some good news! I will be the lead singer for the Chevrolet World Band that will be performing live at the annual World GM car show from Feb 17-26th 2012 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. GM was looking for a world feel for their music theme and my friend recommended the Urban Monk website to the musical director for GM. I am really excited to perform with a very talented band of musicians. We will incorporate a little bit of the Urban Monk feel in my feature song in that we will add sitar, a bit of Bollywood and lots of indian percussion, plus a host of other western instruments. I am also excited that Chevrolet is launching an electric car, as I believe this is the direction all cars need to go towards! For all of us who care about mother earth, it is a great step forward. The Chevrolet Volt is the world's first electric vehicle and it can drive between 40 and 80 km on electric power alone! I let my car go years ago and now try to walk whenever possible and that works for me; however, if I was to get a car, I think electric is way to!

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