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Love the music. Keep on singing the world needs the sweet sounds. Lot's of Love twinling...

pretty and easy listening!

Now I discover that along with everything you're a black belt too?!? Is there no end to your legend and the inspiration you provide for the world with your very Being? Throwing down Universes with the Superteam for sure!! Shine on bright star!! <3

Dimple Sharma has a beautiful and haunting sound that's reminiscent of the film scores of Han Zimmer mixed with the inspiration from her cultural heritage.

That is very cool photo with the cubs

“ After running frantically to my computer from the kitchen and spilling oatmeal across the keyboard all I could think was YES! What a lovely way to make music i wish you great success and fortune. Jai Dimple, jai ”

“ I love your music, Shine on is my favorite, it's so calming even on the craziest of days. :) ”

For me oriental music is food for soul and mind.... relaxing ...I respect it and like it the same.. thx.. keep going..

Hi Di I wish you all the best! I really enjoyed visiting your visiting your website. Beautiful voice, and pictures. // Daniel

Love your stuff :) Urban Monk........Lets go, you and me hee hee I love business but i love mountains and peace more :)

“ Climb That Mountain: your music composition is beautifully powerful and spitually inspiring. Your vocals are so very lovely in your New Age composition. Thank you! Juanita ”

“ Stone Guest: has a touch of haunting lyrics..."...I don't get no rest, I don't get no rest...," It makes me think of memories in which I have spent times at the ground edge of a brook in the woods where one only hears the natural beauty & tranquility of a running brook with it's water rapturing the large rocks it hovers over in a stillness that has a timeless end where it never ressts. Your composition is very beautiful and would calm one's restless soul. Thank you! ”

It is very soothing music to listen to while the world spins around you at a fast pace on an average work day :)

thank you, nice to hear something with real emotion in it, not fake shouting.

Beautiful captivating voice and music

Very refreshing, it was the inclusion of the background music that caught me!

Very good ,like the lyrics ,good beat,thanks!!

" i think u are great, keep the light shining, the sky is ur limit."

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Very haunting sound. Really enjoyed Purest Gold and Shine On.-

I should have have gotten your autograph!!! Very nice pics, site and an awesome vocal. I wish you every success.

Dimple's pure devotion to artistry, and the dedication she places upon her true-heart's creative expression, is amply and ably communicated through these majikal songs of mystical majesty. A whispering tapestry runs through the incredibly diverse range of aural pleasures that await the listener on this album - a call to remember our deepest Self, a mantra of Sensory Surrender, an ode to the wonder of this journey called existence. A debut album that reveals a great talent and a sacred gift.

A wondrous birth after a lot of effort and challenge

Deep music based on well researched Vedic principles...

Fantastic! Congratulations Dee! I can't begin to tell you how happy I am for your milestone achievement. Listened to the sample tracks. Picking up my copy today.

We were born to reflect, to reason, and then to take things – which pass these tests – to heart. But it is not the only way to the heart. Our senses also play a part, sometimes more, sometimes less. Your music beckons our senses to play the greater part.

Worth the wait! Such beautiful music.

Wonderful sultry voice, beautiful thoughts, Lion cubs to complement Venus in Leo and a very spiritual experience which leaves you in a transcendental state... All the best Urban Monk

Great tune says a lot, I relate to Thank You

Very good ,like the lyrics ,good beat,thanks!!

nice easy listening music

i think u are great, keep the light shining, the sky is ur limit.

I like this song. Soothes the spirit.

Really like it. wonderful music

what a voluminous vibrating voice - great charisma ***

really good sound your voice.

I love the feel of your music!

Captivating voice...I could listen to you for hours.

thank you, nice to hear something with real emotion in it, not fake shouting.

I love the feel of your music!


What a Hauntingly beautiful voice!

Love the voice

beautiful voice enjoy the musical beats. nice to relax to. keep it going. good luck.

great voice. keep marketing yourself in different venues. A pleasure to listen to

Nice voice, good looking girl!!!

Excellent music with very meaningful lyrics. Way to go! Thank you! Prana is the power of life, so true!



Very Good....

I like Dimple Sharma. She has a good beat and you can hear what she is singing about because the basck ground music does not over power what she is singing about

good music

really great

urban monk great song!!!

I really like your music!..deep and relaxing..


love the sound..thanks

love it!

Love it!



wonderfull x

beautiful song

i like it

Strong, powerful music, love it! Rolf Dornseif

Like the temper..

Meditative, spiritual music to stir the soul and escape the modern world" ...well put :)

nice voice

Nice job. Keep going.

Love the tunes!

Beautiful voice and the music is peacefully mystical. :)



relaxing. I like it.

A beautiful person, a beautiful music, please definetly play more :))

nice track

Dee: Checking it out - interesting! Could be soundtracks for movies and other. Gerry

Everytime I hear Shine On it makes me feel better!! I just love how your music enlightens me and feels more self aware...it reduces my stress as well. Thanks for creating some great tunes as it will last a lifetime!

Oh blessed day come hastefully when I may see Dimple live in concert!!!!! Namaste

To think I would find this site by accident while doing my Internet music scouring searches Dimple! I guess I really let the drifting run unchecked too long, this little bouncing never sinking boat for list at sea....

Dee, I am so impressed...... this is such amazing music. I love it you have such an amazing voice!!!

Estimated Dimple Sharma is with great pleasure that I can communicate this way because I am a believer in meditation Raja Yoga. I also frequent the Lisbon “Brahma Kumaris Meditation School” (Portugal) and I´m linked to Chi-kung meditation by Master Sung Yue-Sun with whom I had the privilege of receiving is teachings for a period (4 years) until he retire to his native Hong Kong, where he died three years later.

Beautiful Inspiring Melodies with Deep Reaching Tonalities that match their equally beautiful Creator. I am in AWE.

Great tunes, loving the lyrics, the beats, instruments and your voice... look forward to the album coming out dear one, best of luck with the final production.xx

You have a beautiful tone to your voice and I feel inspired by your music. Looking forward to hearing more!

Amazing voice for such a compact feminine looking singer. You remind me of a Dodge Challenger 426 hemi I used to have which was called a "sleeper". Powerful yet you couldn't tell from outside at all! You pathos is haunting just as your lovely voice and words are deep. Wish you all the best. IN our eyes, you are already a star...

Hi, just passing through from here..oh not passing through but visiting every day..awesome feeling after listening the urban monk, is there any other place other than Itunes that i can get this song, like spotify?

Hello, it's great to hear your music online. You have a wonderfully strong and expressive voice. I particularly like the yearning lyrics of Urban Monk and the lilting melody of Stone Guest. Can't wait to hear the rest of the album, keep up the good work! :-)

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