Vipassana Meditation
This is the international home page of the organizations which offer courses in Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka and his assistant teachers in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one of India's most ancient techniques of meditation. It was taught in India more than 2500 years ago as a universal remedy for universal ills, i.e., an Art of Living.
Sacred Texts Archive
The Internet Sacred Texts Archive is the largest freely available archive of online books about religion, mythology, folklore and the esoteric on the Internet. The site is dedicated to religious tolerance and scholarship, and has the largest readership of any similar site on the web.
Natural News
The NaturalNews Network is a non-profit collection of public education websites covering topics that empower individuals to make positive changes in their health, environmental sensitivity, consumer choices and informed skepticism.
Providing research, development and consultation on supplements, natural health products and nutritious foods.
6 St. Joseph
6 St. Joseph is a community that supports people who are taking a step up from livelihood challenges, while connecting them to a home and community of people ready to help others.
The New Age Blog
This site blogs about Spirituality and Metaphysics including Astrology, Physics with alternative medicine and spiritual practices and beliefs including Yoga and Meditation.

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