My Ancestors

Dimple Sharma


This song is a metaphor for honouring the wisdom that has been passed on from our ancestors.  Elias Canetti, Nobel laureate of 1981, reminded the world of the importance of the cult of the hearth and the ancestors as they "have left us a wealth ... it is our fault that they have died out or are dying before our eyes, eyes that scarcely look.  They have preserved their mythical experiences until the very end .. They have left us an inexhaustible spiritual legacy."


I once was asked, if I could have any wish I pleased what would I choose, and I thought about it, I took a moment to think about it. And I answered, where I would most like to be, is in a field with my ancestors, with a thousand of my ancestors. Some common, some great, some fearful, some challenging fate. Some angry, full of fire and rage, some just trying to survive for another day. I want to meet my ancestors. Some people say that when you pass on to the other side, that waiting there to greet you is a congregation of the people that you loved in your life. So I thought about it, and it seems to be a righteous truth, that waiting for me there too would be my ancestors. Some wicked, some kind, some lost in the struggle to control the mind. Some faithful, some proud, some determined to speak above the crowd. I want to meet my ancestors, I’m every one of my ancestors. In the distant past, before there was you and I, false paradigms, we find those who came before us upon the same road. Revealing secrets, the wisdom of our ancestors. In honor, in truth, in shining ideals to inspire the youth. These values we find living in this place from another time. I want to meet my ancestors, touch the feet of my ancestors.

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